studio time

and so today, I had a blissful day in the studio, I collected wild flowers and made drawings and started a few watercolours. I have been recovering from a difficult knee injury and operation which meant three months on crutches but I am now walking and driving and almost back to normal, whatever that is. I have had tearful days over the last few months, the restrictions with movement and lack of earnings or anything that others might expect, sick pay, support, even an understanding of a foreign health care system and especially following the loss of all of my previous work it has all been a little tough to process.

Today felt peaceful, art and nature therapy at its core, restorative, ancient, liberating, connected…. we may have almost zero incomes or money in the bank but we are rich in what is essentially crucial to a life that is respectful of our environment, reflective of the wonders it holds and in this we share moments with our son