new works available online now

I am excited to announce the launch of a whole new collection of botanical works, painted sporadically over the last few months and ready to view and purchase online

I have realised over the last few months how crucial making art is to me, something that has always been such a huge part of my life but in limited proportions

that nameless desire, beauty, sacredness that comes from creating, in the stillness of the studio immersed by nature is truly a wonderful thing, to be treasured, nurtured & shared

it is an indescribable experience to enter the space of creating, the mind becomes free, time lifts and I feel such joy & inner peace

what happens to the physical forms, the works after completion becomes a wonder, whether they become the visual landscape for somewhere or someone else, should they reflect in some way the love, energy or just simple expression that went into them, is it of importance, something I have pondered

‘everything is honoured but nothing matters’

I have a collection of 20 watercolour paintings available on paper and a couple of simple drawings, I am happy to arrange paid shipment world wide, please feel free to contact me with any enquires, commissions also available